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Water Waste Reporting Form

  1. Due to the ongoing drought, the Alameda County Water District can no longer meet ordinary water demands without depleting the available supply or reducing its quality to an unacceptable degree. As a result, on March 13, 2014, the ACWD Board of Directors declared a water shortage emergency within Fremont, Newark, and Union City and adopted an ordinance that includes mandatory water-use restrictions. For major leaks/breaks that require urgent attention, please call us immediately at (510) 668-4200.

  2. You can report this information anonymously, but please provide enough information so that we can determine the appropriate action.

  3. So we can follow up with questions to help identify the issue, if needed.

  4. So we can follow up with questions to help identify the issue, if needed.

  5. Provide the address or cross streets/location where the waste is occurring.

  6. *Note: One extra day of irrigation per week is allowed for maintenance of turf at active recreation areas

  7. Include time of day information so we can observe the occurrence, if needed.

  8. You can upload a photo so that we can get a better idea of what the issue is.

  9. Thank you for your assistance!

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