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Drought Tolerant Plant Traits
The plants in ACWD's demonstration garden include California natives as well as Mediterranean and Australian exotics, all of which are successful drought resistant citizens in San Francisco Bay Area low water-use gardens. Below is a list of drought resistant plant traits you will find if you visit our garden:

  • Gray or white leaves which reflect heat. 
  • White or light gray stems or bark which reflect heat. 
  • Thick leaves which minimize water loss. 
  • Wax-coated leaves which minimize water loss. 
  • Narrow and/or curled leaves which minimize exposure to heat and water loss. 
  • Early blooming and seed setting cycle which occurs when plant roots are still getting water and therefore nutrition. 
  • Early leaf drop (in August) to minimize plant photosynthesis in dry, hot months. 
  • Underground bulb or enlarged root which provides nutrition during the dry months.

Seasonal Color in the Garden
ACWD's demonstration garden was designed to showcase color year-round as well as drought tolerance.