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Classroom Presentations
A student participates in a classroom activity with an ACWD presenterInvolve Your Students
Actively involve your students in learning about water by inviting an ACWD education specialist to your classroom. Presentations are free and are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. We begin taking reservations for fall programs on August 28 and for winter and spring programs on December 2.

Kindergarten - All About Water
During this 30-minute program, students will learn about the importance of water, where it comes from, and why we should use it wisely as they hear the flannel board story, "Water Is Peter's Best Friend." After the story, students will participate in a brief activity stressing the importance of water conservation during which they will each receive a sheet of water conservation stickers.

First Grade - A Journey Through the Water Cycle
During this 50-minute program, students will learn about the water cycle as they hear of the adventures of Ms. Frizzle's class in "Wet All Over," a Magic School Bus story. Following the story, students will witness it "rain" in their classroom during a water cycle experiment and will have the opportunity to make a water cycle bracelet to take home with them.

Second Grade - The Little Blue Hen - A Water Conservation Activity
During the 50-minute program, students will learn about water conservation as they hear the story of the Little Blue Hen and her three water-wasting friends. They will also play a game of water conservation bingo and receive a water conservation activity they can do with their parents at home.

Third Grade - Water Investigators
During this 50- minute program, students will have the opportunity to become water quality scientists as they test their tap water for chlorine, iron, copper, and hardness. As they do these experiments, they will record their findings on a Water Quality Report worksheet.

Fourth Grade - How We Get Drinking Water
During this hour-long program, students will divide into small groups to purify a jug of dirty water. Replicating, on a small scale, the steps that take place in a water treatment plant, students will have the opportunity to see firsthand how sediment-filled water can be transformed into clean and healthful drinking water. Students will also be introduced to the various sources of water for the Tri-City area.

Fifth Grade - Water Savers
During this one-hour program, students will learn why they, as Californians, must conserve water and will then perform an experiment to determine how much water a leaky faucet can waste in a year.

Sixth Grade - Groundwater Secrets
During this one-hour program, students will have the opportunity to perform groundwater experiments using aquifers they create in plastic cups. The experiments are followed by a dramatic demonstration using a groundwater model, during which students can watch as a drinking water well becomes contaminated as a plume of pollution moves through layers of sand and gravel.

Eighth Grade - Water Quality Analysis
Using portable measurement devices utilized by water quality scientists, students will determine the sources of three samples of water by analyzing pH, conductivity, and chlorine concentration.

High School
"How We Get Drinking Water" and "Groundwater Secrets" can be modified to meet the needs of high school students.