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Paseo Padre Parkway and Washington Blvd./I-680 Pipeline Improvement Projects
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The Project

The Alameda County Water District will rehabilitate 525 feet of existing 12-inch water main pipeline on Paseo Padre Parkway, between Grimmer Boulevard and Hancock Drive and 1,920 feet of existing 12-inch water main pipeline on Washington Boulevard, between Meredith Drive and Weigand Court in Fremont, California. The existing pipeline will be rehabilitated using a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) structural liner system that will improve the structural reliability of the pipeline and improve water supply. To facilitate the trenchless installation of the CIPP structural liner system, access pits will be excavated at each end of the pipeline segment. After the CIPP structural liner system has been installed, and prior to placing the pipeline back in service, the pipeline will be pressure tested and disinfected.   The project site, including all ground surfaces disturbed by the work will be restored to its original condition. 

Anticipated Construction: Aug. to Nov. 2017Washington Blvd notice map04.jpg
Project Manager: Kalpana Gandhi, P.E.
Phone:    (510) 668-4474     


paseo padre pkw map04.jpg

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