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Fix a Leak Week
Fix a Leak Week
We hope you'll join us during Fix a Leak Week, March 14-20, in finding and fixing leaks around your home.  Depending on what you find, you could save hundreds of gallons of water a day and reduce your water bill by more than 10%.

Tips for Finding and Fixing Leaks

Check Your Water Meter
Follow these simple steps to use your water meter to determine if you have a leak inside or outside your home.

Locate and Repair the Culprits
Faucets, toilets, and irrigation systems are the leading causes of leaks in and around homes.  Follow these steps to find and fix leaky faucets, toilets, and irrigation systems.

Leaky Toilets
If you suspect a leaky toilet, order a free Leak Detection and Repair Kit from ACWD.  The kit consists of leak detection dye tablets for determining if your toilet is leaking and a flapper valve for repairing the most common type of toilet leak.

Fix a Leak Week is sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency's Water Sense program.  Check out their website for more information about finding and fixing leaks, facts and figures, and educational resources.