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Sponsorships & Partnerships
The District has developed numerous partnerships over the years to help maximize implementation of its demand management program. Partnerships provide financial, marketing and program administration benefits and include coordination with water agencies, cities, schools and other organizations. The District is always looking for additional partnerships opportunities. The District’s current partnership programs are summarized below; additional information about these programs is provided within the program description section.

LEAF (Local Ecology & Agriculture Fremont) – ACWD is a supporter of LEAF's new California Nursery Historic Park site project and will partner with LEAF to host Water Efficient Gardening Workshops at that location.  At these workshops, attendees can learn about ACWD’s conservation programs.

StopWaste/ReScape California (formerly the Bay-Friendly Landscaping & Gardening Coalition  – The  District  partners with  Alameda County  Waste  Management  Authorities’ StopWaste  Program  and  ReScape California  on  several  programs including  resource-efficient landscape  contractor  qualification  training,  "Lawn  to  Garden"  parties  (converting  turf  to  low water  use  plants using sheet mulching), and co-promotion of turf removal programs. The District’s Drought Tolerant Garden  is a Bay-Friendly  certified  garden,  a  designation  given  to  gardens  that  employ  the  seven  Bay-Friendly Gardening Principles, which include: landscape locally, landscape for less to the landfill, nurture the soil, conserve water and energy, protect water and air quality, and create wildlife habitat, and as such has  been  a  lecture  stop  on  tours  of  Bay  Area  gardens  that  meet  and exceed  Bay-Friendly Gardening standards. The District has also signed a pledge to employ these principles for all landscaping the District maintains.The District continues to work with these agencies on a public outreach campaign to educate the public about environmentally sound landscaping practices, including water efficient landscaping. 

Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour – ACWD sponsors a tour of private gardens employing natural gardening techniques, including water conservation, in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. The tour typically showcases at least one Fremont garden. ACWD hopes that customers attending the tours will be inspired to replace turf with low-water use plants through ACWD’s water efficient landscape rebate program.  

Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) – ACWD partners with ACOE to improve efficiencies (water & energy) at Newark Unified School District, and other schools in the service area.  ACWD conducted indoor audits for nine facilities (8 schools) and found water saving opportunities including hardware, device and maintenance improvements (high efficiency toilets and urinals; faucet aerators; showerheads; and leaks). The program is moving forward with plans for more audits, including outdoor water use surveys.

California Youth Energy Services (CYES) – Since 2009, the District has partnered with the California Youth Energy Services to implement a residential water and energy use survey program, which combines green job training and energy and water savings assistance to the community. The city of Fremont, Union City, Pacific Gas & Electric and the California Public Utilities Commission are all partners in this effort.

Union Sanitary District (USD) – Since 2006, the District has formally partnered with USD on several cost share programs including residential and commercial high-efficiency clothes washer rebates and commercial high-efficiency toilet rebates.

Local School Districts and Community Colleges  – The District works closely with the local school districts and community colleges to promote water use efficiency at their facilities. The District provided incentives to change out urinals for all Fremont Unified School District schools and provided a grant to help establish a water efficient landscape at Ohlone Community College’s “Green” Campus in Newark. Most recently, the District conducted water use efficiency surveys and provided water use efficiency recommendations for eight Newark Unified School District facilities, which included six elementary schools, the middle school, the high school and the administration building.

Local Cites – The District coordinates with Fremont, Newark and Union City on several programs as well as customer outreach. The District works closely with each service area city to ensure that its programs are consistent with city ordinances and policies. Most recently, during the drought, the District worked closely with its service area cities to help them comply with and provide outreach for the District’s Water Shortage Emergency Ordinance.

WaterSense Logo   WaterSense Program Promotional Partnership– ACWD partners with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to promote their WaterSense program. The WaterSense program seeks to protect the future of our nations water supply by offering people a simple way to use less water with water-efficient products, new homes and services. They do this through a labeling program that helps consumers make smart water choices (in products and services) that save money and maintain high environmental standards without compromising performance.
AWE Logo  Alliance for Water Efficiency – ACWD is a member of the Alliance for Water Efficiency. The Alliance serves as a North American advocate for water efficient products and programs, and provides information and assistance on water conservation efforts.