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Be a Water Saver!

This coloring book gives young readers tips on how they can conserve water. Such as "turning off the water while brushing their teeth", and so much more!

Let's Learn About Water

Grades 1-2
Simple mazes, word games, and puzzles help children appreciate the need for clean, abundant supplies of water.

Water Conservation: A Coloring & Activities Book

Grades 1-2
Through various workbook activities, students learn why it's important to use water wisely and how to save water both indoors and out.

Water Conservation: A Coloring & Activities Book in Spanish

Grades 1-2
One of our most popular activity books, now in Spanish.

Water Wise Kids

Grades 2-5
Make learning about water conservation an exercise in critical thinking with this colorful book that has students complete learning activities.

About the Water Cycle

Grade 3
Simple word games and puzzles help children understand the forms in which water is found, how the water cycle works, and why it is important to all living things.

Water From the Ground Up

Grades 4-6
This comic book, which focuses on our local water supply, teaches students where their water comes from, how it is managed, and how to conserve it. The accompanying teacher's guide describes how to use the comic book as a mini-unit on water.

The Story of Drinking Water

Grades 4-6
Written in comic book form, this booklet is designed to help build an understanding and appreciation of the importance of a safe, reliable water supply.

Let's Learn About Using Water Wisely

Grades 4-6
This information and activities book uses puzzles and games to teach the water cycle and how families use water in and around the home. Students learn about the importance of water to life on earth.

Conserve Water

Grades 4-8
This full-color, 16-page booklet contains games, puzzles, and activities designed to teach students about water conservation.

Water - Our Most Valuable Resource

Grades 4-8
This booklet explains how water gets to our homes, the ways pollutants can enter water supplies, and how modern treatment plants make our water safe to drink.

Our World of Water

Grades 3-6
This book teaches students valuable information on how they can conserve water and protect it, and the importance of water to our planet through colorful puzzles and word games.

Use Water Wisely Poster

Grades K-3
This colorful poster depicts seven ways children can conserve water.

Water Supply & Uses Poster

Grades 2-8
This 26"x26" colorful poster illustrates how water travels from mountaintop to ocean and is used for many purposes along the way.

California Water Map

Grades 4-12
This 24"x37" poster features natural and man-made water resources throughout the state.

California's Water System Poster

Grades 4-12
This 18"x24" poster depicts where California's water comes from, who uses it, and the institutions which control it.

Water Cycle Poster

Water as a renewable resources is depicted in this 18"x24" poster.


This colorful map depicts, in cartoon style, how water is distributed to the residents of Fremont, Newark, and Union City.

California's Amazing Delta Poster

This poster contains information about the California Delta! This poster contains a crossword and word search.


Maximum order not to exceed 500
Imprinted pencils remind students of the importance of water.

12" Vinyl Rulers - Temporarily Unavailable

Maximum order not to exceed 500
Rulers are imprinted with a water conservation message.


Maximum order not to exceed 500
Rectangular magnets convey the message, "Save Water!"

Recycled Paper Bags

Maximum order not to exceed 500

These recycled paper bags are emblazoned with water conservation tips and a colorful cartoon and are perfect for packaging water conservation booklets for individual students. These replace the plastic bags which have been discontinued.

California Poppy Seeds

Maximum order not to exceed 500
Each colorful packet contains the seeds of the California Poppy, native to Alameda County. Ideal for science projects and school gardens.

Water Conservation Pocket Folders (older versions)

Maximum order not to exceed 500
Grades 1-6
These colorful pocket folders make great homework folders. Very limited quantities, order while supplies last.

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