Water Conservation Tips

Indoor Water Conservation Tips

  • Locate and fix leaks as soon as possible.
  • Operate clothes washers and dishwashers with full loads only.
  • Take shorter showers.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Install high-efficiency clothes washers (rebates are available for Commercial/Industrial/Institutional customers!).
  • Replace older, high water-use fixtures and devices (toilets, showerheads, faucet aerators) with efficient models.

Outdoor Water Conservation Tips

  • Stop watering your lawn, or water no more than one day per week, at most.
  • Cover exposed soil around shrubs and garden plants with mulch to reduce evaporation from the soil surface.
  • Use a broom instead of a hose to clean driveways and sidewalks.
  • Get your car washed at a commercial car wash that recycles water.
  • Reduce lawn areas and choose native and drought-tolerant plants for your landscapes (rebates are available!).