Mandatory Water-Use Restrictions and Exceptions Form

Ordinance Text: An Ordinance of the Alameda County Water District Declaring a Water Shortage Emergency and Adopting Water Use Regulations, Restrictions, and Guidelines for the Water Shortage Emergency

Press Release:  ACWD Declares Water Shortage Emergency - issued 12/10/21

Prohibited during the water shortage emergency:

  • Runoff from irrigation or watering
  • Leaks and breaks within the customers' plumbing that are not fixed within 72 hours after the leak is discovered
  • Draining and subsequent refilling of swimming pools
  • Use of decorative water fountains
  • Using hoses without quick-acting positive shutoff nozzles 
  • Hosing off sidewalks, driveways, etc.
  • Irrigation while it's raining, or irrigation that results in ponding or excessive runoff

Mandatory Water Use Restrictions

Exception Form to the Water Use Restrictions/Ordinance

To file for an exception for the mandatory water use restrictions, please fill out the form below.

Exception Form 

If your Exception was denied or was approved with conditions, and you are appealing the decision, please fill out the form below.

Water Use Exception Appeals Form