Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area

About Quarry Lakes

Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area in Fremont is jointly administered by the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) and the Alameda County Water District. EBRPD operates the park as a recreational facility featuring water-related activities such as swimming,Quarry Lake fishing, wind surfing, and boating. ACWD uses the lakes for recharging the aquifers of the Niles Cone Groundwater Basin, an immense, natural reservoir lying beneath the Tri-City area. This is accomplished by:

  • Storing water in the Alameda Creek Flood Control Channel behind inflatable rubber dams;
  • Diverting the stored water into the Quarry Lakes;
  • Allowing the lake water to percolate into the groundwater basin.

The Niles Cone supplies up to half of the water used in Fremont, Newark, and Union City.

More Information

Find out more about the recreational opportunities available at Quarry Lakes by visiting the EBRPD website.

For the Quarry Lakes fish planting schedule, see EBRPD's Angler's Edge Online.

To protect wildlife and water quality, lead fishing tackle is prohibited at Quarry Lakes. The Quarry Lakes Lead Fishing Tackle Awareness and Exchange Program was created to educate local anglers on the hazards of using lead fishing tackle and to provide the opportunity for a no-cost exchange of toxic lead split-shot weights and sinkers for lead-free split-shot weights and sinkers.