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February 16, 2023 6:15 PM

ACWD Service Area is experiencing temporary discolored water - water meets Drinking Water Standards

ACWD Service Area is experiencing discolored water due to various reasons. District staff has tested the water, and it continues to meet all state and federal health-based Drinking Water Standards - the discolored water is an aesthetic issue.

Discolored drinking water may be caused by: Water main breaks, source water quality changes, hit fire hydrants, construction activity and maintenance of a facility in the water distribution system. These activities can increase the velocity and change the flow direction that water travels through water mains. If it happens, iron and manganese sediment lying on the bottom of the mains may get stirred up, resulting in discolored water.

ACWD’s annual main cleaning program is underway and has been modified to conserve water during the drought. This program adjustment has caused higher-than-normal amounts of sediment to lie on the bottom of the water mains that, when stirred up, can cause discolored water. Despite its appearance, discolored water does not indicate that it is unsafe or the integrity of the water main has been compromised. A disinfectant residual is always maintained to ensure that the water can continue to be used for household purposes, including cooking and drinking. However, you should avoid doing laundry until the water clears up because discoloration may stain clothes.

Additionally, local water treatment plants have received challenging raw water quality caused by recent storms. ACWD staff has been actively adjusting the operational parameters to optimize the water treatment processes due to these conditions and cooler-than-average temperatures. Process optimization may take a few weeks or more. In the meantime, ACWD customers may notice a slight discoloration in the drinking water caused by minute levels of the manganese mineral, making the water appear a light yellowish/brownish color. The discolored water is an aesthetic issue and not due to any failure of the water treatment processes.

Please visit our Main Cleaning webpage to check if your street was cleaned recently.

If you would like to learn more about discolored water or have any concerns, please visit our Discolored Water FAQs, or call us at 510-668-6500.

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