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Posted on: November 16, 2020

(FALL)ing in Love with Water Conservation Savings

ACWD offers various programs that can help you update your garden and take advantage of this upcoming rainy season so you can achieve outdoor water savings!

Water Efficient Landscapes

Planting water-efficient plants that can survive on seasonal rains alone due to their low water intake is one way to maximize water savings this fall and winter. ACWD offers a Water-Efficient Landscape (WEL) Rebate Program for customers who convert their lawns to a water-efficient landscape. You can get $1 per square foot of lawn you replace with water-efficient plants up to a maximum rebate of $1,500 for residential customers and $20,000 for large landscape customers. Continue to see savings long after you receive the rebate due to your garden's reduced need for water! 

Rain Barrels

Using a rain barrel to capture rain and using the captured rain for your low water-use garden can also lead to water savings. ACWD offers a Rain Barrel Rebate of $50 per rain barrel up to a maximum of $100 for customers who purchase and install rain barrels that collect rainwater from their rooftop. You can help maintain a healthy urban watershed by reducing the potable water system's demand when you irrigate your garden with rain.

Smart Irrigation Controllers

ACWD offers weather-based “smart” irrigation controller rebates for customers that replace their current or conventional irrigation system with a weather-based irrigation system. Weather-based “smart” irrigation controllers automatically adjust to local weather conditions so that you irrigate your plants only when needed. This prevents overwatering if it has already rained, leading to healthier plants and savings of 20% or more on outdoor water use! Residential customers can purchase a weather-based irrigation controller at a discounted price of $100 plus tax (up to a $279 retail value), and commercial and large landscape customers can receive a rebate of up to $30 per active station for each controller.

By participating in one or more of these programs, you can be a part of ACWD's efforts to ensure our communities continue to have reliable access to high-quality water by conserving water in your home and garden.

For more information on these programs and how to apply, visit the ACWD rebates page or call 510-668-4218.

Get started on your water conservation journey today!

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