What are California monitoring regulations on PFOA, PFOS, and PFBS?

In August 2019, the Division of Drinking Water (DDW) set the customer Notification Level of 5.1 parts per trillion (ppt) for PFOA and 6.5 ppt for PFOS and in February 2020, set new a Response Level of 10 ppt for PFOA and 40 ppt for PFOS. In March 2021, DDW issued the notification level and response level for PFBS of 500 ppt and 5000 ppt, respectively.

A notification level is a nonregulatory, precautionary health-based measure for concentrations of chemicals in drinking water that warrant notification and further monitoring and assessment.

A response level is a nonregulatory, precautionary health-based measure that is set higher than a notification level and represents a recommended level that water systems consider taking a water source out of service or provide treatment if available to them.

In March 2019, the California State Water Resources Control Board (State Board) began a state-wide PFAS investigation and issued orders to approximately 200 water utilities throughout California to test groundwater wells that are in close proximity to fire training/fire response sites (e.g., airfields), industrial sites, landfills, and/or wastewater treatment plants for PFAS. Since ACWD groundwater sources are not located in close proximity to potential sources of contamination, ACWD was not issued orders to monitor for PFOA, PFOS, or PFBS by DDW.  

Assembly Bill 756 that took effect on January 1, 2020, authorized the State Board to more broadly order water systems to monitor for PFAS and report their detections. ACWD was not issued an order under the Assembly Bill.

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