Does ACWD have water use restrictions due to the drought?

ACWD is closely monitoring and evaluating water supplies and based on current conditions, we are able to meet customer demands in 2021. Because of this, mandatory water use restrictions are not in place, yet we encourage all customers to voluntarily conserve water by 15% per the Governor’s Executive Order. We also monitor for water waste, which is restricted. Water waste includes runoff when irrigating with potable water, using potable water to wash sidewalks and driveways, and using hoses with no shutoff nozzles to wash cars.

Fortunately, ACWD’s customers have continued to conserve since the last drought and water use is still well below 2013 use. The District has a diverse supply portfolio and we have stored water during wet years for use during dry years, so we project that ACWD will have sufficient water supply to support demands this year. But with the possibility of next year being dry too, as well as the year after that, ACWD has rolled out its One Saves Water conservation campaign to ask customers to further reduce their water use this year by taking simple actions.  

If water use increases and ACWD’s supplies become more constrained, or statewide mandates are established, ACWD Board of Directors could declare a water shortage emergency, which provides a foundation for enacting mandatory water use restrictions.

Please visit ACWD’s drought resource webpage at: - it will be updated with any actions we take to address dry year conditions. 

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