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Voluntary Reporting Form for Functional Turf Areas

  1. This form is for Alameda County Water District's Commercial, Industrial, Institutional (CII), and Homeowner Association (HOA) customers with sites in Fremont, Newark, or Union City. 

    The purpose of this form is to voluntarily inform ACWD of functional turf areas at sites in the ACWD service area.

    For questions about this form, please call the Water Use Efficiency Team at 510-668-4218 or by Email.

  2. State Regulations

    The State Water Resources Control Board Resolution No. 2022-0018 (“State Regulations”) were adopted on May 24, 2022, and went into effect on June 10, 2022. The State Regulations prohibit irrigating non-functional turf with potable water at commercial, industrial, and institutional sites statewide, including homeowners association (HOA) common areas. Non-functional turf is defined in the State Regulations as “turf that is solely ornamental and not regularly used for human recreation purposes or for civic or community events (Sec. 996 (a) (5)." 

  3. Why is ACWD collecting this information?

    ACWD is collecting this information for future water use analyses and to help determine if reports of water use in violation of the State's ban on irrigation of non-functional turf in ACWD's service area should be referred to the State for enforcement. 

    Please Note: ACWD does not have the authority to enforce this State regulation.

  4. What is Functional Turf?

    Turf is a ground cover surface of mowed grass. 

    Functional turf includes sports fields and turf that is regularly used for human recreation purposes or for civic or community events. 

    Most turf at CII properties is considered non-functional. 


  5. Why should the area(s) be considered functional turf?
  6. * "Plant Factor" is a factor used to estimate the amount of water needed by plants -- see section 491 of title 23 of the CA Code of Regulation

    **For more information on plant factors and reference evapotranspiration, see the state's Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance

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