Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates

​ACWD drinking water is safe from coronavirus (COVID-19) and available 24/7

Water is vital to protecting public health and safety and ACWD is committed to ensuring 24/7 water delivery. We want to reassure our customers and community that we prepare for emergencies and will continue to provide our essential service to our community.​​​​​​

The water from your tap is safe from coronavirus (COVID-19). It is treated and tested before making its way to your home or business and continues to meet or surpass all state and federal drinking water standards. Learn more about the quality and safety of your drinking water.  ​​​​​​


ACWD’s Customer Service counter at our Grimmer Boulevard headquarters in Fremont is open weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and we are available to assist customers who wish to pay their bills and have account inquiries. 

Access online services:

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Important information about water quality for businesses, restaurants, places of worship, and schools reopening following COVID-19 

ACWD provides high-quality water to all customers. The water is disinfected before it’s delivered to you, but the water can accumulate in building pipes and become stagnant when businesses are closed or have limited operations. Buildings and large service connections that shut down or significantly reduced water use have an increased risk of Legionella growth in pipes, refrigerators, water heaters, and/or onsite storage tanks, and an increased potential of leaching of lead and copper.

As businesses resume operations, it is important for managers and business owners to take action to ensure the water is safe to consume. Please reference the following guidance when reopening your business to learn how to remove stagnant water and prepare your building’s plumbing system for consumption.

Resources and guidance for reopening buildings 

Safely Return Water Service to Your Business 

International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials - Flushing Stagnant Plumbing Systems 

EPA information on maintaining or restoring water quality in buildings with low or no use

Center for Disease Control and Prevention - COVID-19 - Guidance for Reopening Buildings 

American Water Works Association - Returning water services 

California Water Board Reactivating Service and Operations

Swimming pools & hot tubs disinfections

Please call 510.668.6500 for after-hours emergencies.

Sign up to receive notifications:  Register today for our Rapid Alert Notification System to receive critical emergency notifications from ACWD.  Your sign-up for ACWD's Rapid Alert Notification system will allow us to reach you with urgent or emergency information about water service and/or conditions that may impact your water safety or availability. 

Free online educational resources:  See our Online Educational Resources webpage for a list of links to fun, informative water education websites and free activities. 

Bay Area Water Agencies Issue Joint Message in Response to COVID-19

Trust Bay Area tap water message issued by nine water agencies 

Resources and information:

California Coronavirus(COVID-19) Response

Alameda County Public Health Department
California Department of Public Health
United States Environmental Protection Agency

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Fact sheets:

California Water Boards Fact Sheet

CDC Share Facts About COVID-19