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1. I have noticed water waste occurring in my neighborhood, at work, etc. How do I report it?
2. Do I need to stop watering my trees?
3. Does ACWD have water use restrictions due to the drought?
4. Does ACWD have enough water?
5. Is drought a result of climate change?
6. I am interested in water conservation. What rebates does ACWD offer residential and commercial customers?
7. Do I need to let my lawn dry out?
8. I want to put in a new lawn; if I do, will there be restrictions on how much I can water it?
9. Why doesn't your lawn removal rebate program cover artificial turf or concrete if replacing my lawn with these saves water?
10. What is ACWD doing to reduce its water use?
11. I’m already saving water. What more can I do to conserve?
12. Why is new development and construction allowed during drought?
13. Are there any restrictions for draining and filling my pool?
14. Does the State of California offer a lawn removal rebate program I can participate in?
15. Why are some fire hydrants open with water discharging?
16. Why doesn't ACWD recapture the water discharged from fire hydrants in the Main Cleaning Program?
17. Will you be raising your $2/square foot rebate amount for your lawn removal program?
18. Will the District raise rates because of the drought?
19. With drought and fire season approaching, do you offer rebates for removal of other types of landscape, like trees?