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ACWD Records Request Form

  1. ACWD Records Request Form

    Use this form to request water-related records pertaining to Fremont, Newark, or Union City.


  1. Hydrant Meter Read Submission
  1. Opt Out of Future HEIS Mailings

    Customers can opt out of future HEIS mailings.

Developers & Consultants

  2. Public Water System Extensions

    Survey for Developers to provide feedback on their Public Water System Extension project.

  1. Customer Work Requests & Job Orders

    Survey for Developers & Customers to provide feedback on their Customer Work Requests & Job Orders.

Share a Compliment

  1. Report a Website Issue

    Form for customers to report broken links, spelling errors and incorrect information on the website.

Water Conservation

  1. Subscribe to the Water Efficiency Master Plan Email List

    Water Efficiency Master Plan Email list sign up

  2. Water Efficiency Master Plan Questionaire

    Customer survey for Water Efficiency Master Plan

  1. Water Conservation Kit - Order Form

    Provide information requested to receive a FREE water conservation kit from ACWD.

  2. Water Waste Reporting Form

    Fill in this form to let ACWD of any water waste occurring in our service area.