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Treatment Plant Descriptions
Blending Facility
The Blending Facility (BF) was placed in service in 1992 as a means of reducing the hardness of the district’s production well water by combining it with softer water from San Francisco Regional Water Supplies.

Newark Desalination Facility
The Newark Desalination Facility (NDF) was placed in service in September 2003. It utilizes a reverse osmosis (RO) membrane filtration process to treat brackish groundwater. The facility is located near Cherry and Central Avenue in Newark.

Regional Water System Direct Takeoff
ACWD can receive direct supplies via any of eight takeoffs from the San Francisco Regional Water Supply system located within the service area.

Water Treatment Plant No. 2
Water Treatment Plant No. 2 (WTP2) was placed in service in 1993. It is a conventional ozone plant used to treat water delivered via the South Bay Aqueduct. It is located on Mission Boulevard near the I-680 interchange in Fremont.