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Business Landscapes & Awards
Water efficiency awardWater Use Efficiency Landscape Surveys
ACWD provides free landscape surveys to businesses in our service area. An ACWD water conservation specialist will evaluate outdoor water usage, provide recommendations for improving water use efficiency, and provide information regarding rebates and incentives your business qualifies for.

Dedicated Landscape Partnership (DLP) Program
Are you managing water for your landscape efficiently?
If your site has dedicated landscape meters, ACWD can help you manage outdoor water use with our landscape water use budget program, otherwise known as the "DLP". Using aerial photos we estimate landscape area measurements and then calculate the water needs of the landscape using local weather data. We compare the calculated “budget” to actual water consumption in a report sent out three times per year. Upon request, a copy of the report will be sent to the customer's landscape maintenance company. The report is for information purposes only; it provides valuable information that can be used to improve landscape water use efficiency.

Business of the Year Water Use Efficiency Awards
If your business or organization participates in the DLP, and you are managing water efficiently, then your organization will be recognized each May/June on our website!

Please call ACWD's Water Conservation Department at (510) 668-4218 or email us to learn more about these programs.