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Job Descriptions

Accountant I/II

Accountant III

Accounting and Treasury Manager

Accounting Assistant I/II

Accounting Supervisor I/II

Administrative Analyst I/II/III

Administrative Office Assistant I/II/III

Advanced Treatment Facilities Operator

Advanced Water Treatment Plant Operator

Automotive Mechanic I/II

Buyer I/II

Chemist I/II

Community Affairs Specialist I/II/III

Community Affairs Supervisor I/II

Construction Inspector I/II

Customer Account Field Representative

Customer Account Representative I/II

Customer Account Representative III

Customer Service Supervisor I/II

Customer Services and Systems Manager

Development Services Manager

Distribution Maintenance Manager

Emergency and Security Services Planner

Engineer I/II (Environmental)

Engineer III (Environmental)

Engineering Assistant

Engineering Supervisor I/II

Engineering Technician I/II

Engineering Technician III

Environmental Specialist I/II

Executive Assistant/District Secretary

Facilities Maintenance Worker

Facility Maintenance Manager

Financial Systems Analyst I/II

Gardener I/II

Gardener III

General Manager

Groundwater Resources Manager

Human Resources & Risk Manager

Human Resources Analyst I/II

Human Resources Assistant I/II

Human Resources Technician I/II

Hydrogeologist I/II

Hydrologist I/II

Information Systems Analyst I/II

Information Technology Manager

Information Technology Supervisor

Instrument Technician and Senior Instrument Technician

Laboratory Technician I/II

Manager of Engineering and Technology Services

Manager of Finance

Manager of Water Resources

Meter and Cross-Connection  Worker I/II

Meter Reader

Meter Reading Supervisor

Network Administrator I/II

Network Analyst I/II

Network Technician

Office Assistant I/II

Office Assistant III

Office Supervisor I/II

Operations Systems Analyst and Senior Operations Systems Analyst

Planner Scheduler

Procurement Specialist/Buyer I/II

Purchasing Officer I/II

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Officer

Rates, Financial Analysis and Budget Manager

Senior Business Analyst

Senior Buyer

Senior Information Systems Analyst

Server and Systems Administrator I/II

Treatment and Distribution Supervisor I/II

Treatment Facilities Operator Trainee/Operator

Utility Mechanic I/II

Utility Worker I

Utility Worker II

Utility Worker III

Water Conservation Specialist I/II

Water Conservation Supervisor I/II

Water Controller I/II

Water Production Manager

Water Operations Analyst I/II

Water Resources Planning Manager

Water Supply and Production Manager

Water Supply Supervisor

Water Treatment Plant Operator and Trainee

Well Ordinance Supervisor I/II

Workplace Health and Safety Officer