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Chronology of Significant Events
 Year Event(s)
1914 ACWD organized - The first District founded under the Caminetti Bill (County Water District Act of 1913)
1930 Purchase of the Alvarado Pumping Station from EBMUD places ACWD in the Water Distribution business
1938 Purchase of Irvington Water System
1939 Purchase of Centerville Water System
1940 Purchase of Gallegos (Mission San Jose) Water System
1949 Filed for rights for surplus water from Alameda Creek
1951 Mission San Jose area annexed
1956 $4,290,000 Improvement District No1 Bond issue approved for distribution system improvements
1958 Office Center opened on Fremont Boulevard
1961 ACWD signed contract with the Department of Water Resources for State Project Water
1962 First delivery of State Water Project water from South Bay Aqueduct (ACWD was the first contractor to receive water from the State Water Project)
1963 Seven (VII) Hills annexation
1964 Contract with San Francisco for Hetch Hetchy water supply

$4,950,000 Improvement District No 3 Bond issue approved for distribution system improvements
1967 Appian Tank completed
1971 Manuel J Bernardo Softening Plant placed in operation to soften ground water supply

Voters mandate fluoridation of water
1972 Rubber Dam No 1 installed to increase groundwater recharge capacity (This was the first such installation in the United States, and also the world's largest inflatable dam)

Army Corps of Engineers completed widening and straightening of Alameda Creek allowing for a larger percolation area for the groundwater supply and providing a channel to the Bay for heavy storm water discharge

Alameda Reservoir completed
1973 $2,850,000 Improvement District No 5 Bond issue approved for acquisition of Citizens Utilities Company (CUC), Niles-Decoto system, and other systems

California Department of Fish and Game institutes regularly scheduled stocking of Alameda Creek with trout
1974 Aquifer Reclamation Program started in order to remove saltwater from the groundwater basin
1976 Mission San Jose Water Treatment Plant placed in operation to treat State Project water for distribution system use

Agreements with East Bay Regional Park District, Alameda County Flood Control and City of Fremont establish recreational areas along Alameda Creek and Percolation Ponds

New Chemistry Laboratory building constructed to provide facilities for testing water quality to meet federal and state standards

Rubber Dam No 2 installed
1977 Water Shortage Emergency declared Voluntary water rationing adopted
1979 Hidden Valley tank completed
1981 Improvement District No 5 (formerly CUC) system major improvements completed
1982 First group of wells drilled to prevent saltwater intrusion as part of Salinity Barrier Program
1984 25 year contract signed with San Francisco Water Department
1985 New Office / Operations Center constructed at South Grimmer Boulevard site
1986 21 Million Gallon, MP Whitfield Reservoir completed
1987 District Twenty Five Year Capital Improvement Program adopted

Vineyard Heights Tank completed
1988 First phase of District telemetry (SCADA) system installation completed
1989 Rubber Dam No 3 constructed to increase groundwater recharge

CHP takes administrative action declaring Niles Canyon Road off limits to vehicles carrying hazardous materials
1990 Alameda Creek Watershed Environmental survey completed

Pits T-1 and T-2 recharge facilities purchased
1991 $30,000,000 Construction contract for Water Treatment Plant No 2 was awarded

Water Shortage Emergency declared, Drought Management Program adopted
1992 Blending begins, combining groundwater and San Francisco water supplies to provide a more uniform, lower hardness water supply

Purchase of Pit H recharge facility finalized, completing the land acquisition for the Quarry Lakes Groundwater Recharge and Recreational Area

Automated Water Quality Monitoring Station installed on Alameda Creek

$24,330,000 in Certificates of Participation for capital facilities financing issued
1993 Water Treatment Plant No 2 opened, 28 million gallon capacity (hydroelectric generation, ozone disinfection and mechanical solids dewatering included)

Drought Management Program rescinded
1994 Distribution System Water Quality Monitoring Sampling Stations installed at 44 above ground and 88 below ground locations
1995 $22,200,000 in Certificates of Participation for capital facilities financing issued

Integrated Resources Plan adopted
1996 Avalon Tank completed
1997 Rehabilitation of Quarry Pits
1998 Blending / Chemical Storage and Handling Facility put online
2003 Newark Desalination Facility put online
2005 New Water Quality Lab completed
2008 First fish screens constructed on Alameda Creek
2009 Rubber Dam No. 2 removed, fishway installed
2010 Newark Desalination Facility expanded
2014 Water shortage emergency declared
2016 Water shortage emergency ordinance rescinded