WaterClips Student Video Contest

ACWD Student Video Contest
Blue nd Red Projector Movie Ticket

Hi Students!

We want YOU to create a 30 second video about WATER!  Six students (grades 6 through 12) from Tri-City middle schools and high schools will be chosen to win scholarships up to $500!  You can compete as an individual entry or in teams!  Just focus your video on ONE of the themes below and send us your video.

WaterClips Contest Themes:

Choose ONE theme and create your video!

- The value of clean drinking water

- Say goodbye to single use water bottles
  and drink tap water

- A day without water


Q- What information do I need to have before I submit my video?
A- You will need the following information to complete the Video Application Form which is required for your entry to be valid:  your grade, video title, school name and city. You'll also need to submit a signed Eligibility and Release Form! 
Q- Where do I submit my video?
A- Submit your video to WaterClips@acwd.com.  Remember to include your Video Application Form and Eligibility/Release Form with your video.

Q- What if my file is too large to transmit directly to WaterClips@acwd.com?
A- If your file is too large, you may use one of the following services to transmit your video should be shared through a link than can be viewed by anyone.

Q- What video format can I submit?
A- Only use this format:  MPEG (.mp4).

Q- How many videos can I submit per e-mail?
A- Only one Video Application Form with one video per e-mail.

Q- Can I submit copyrighted material?
A- We respect copyright holders and their rights.  We do not allow copyrighted material.