South Bay Aqueduct Watershed Protection

The Program

The South Bay Aqueduct (SBA) conveys water from the California State Water Project to those portions of Alameda and Santa Clara counties served by the Alameda County Water District, Santa Clara Valley Water District, and the Alameda County Water Conservation District, Zone 7. These agencies are known jointly as the SBA Contractors.

In 2005, the South Bay Aqueduct Watershed Workgroup was formed to help protect water quality within the aqueduct by protecting the watershed lands surrounding it. The workgroup had three primary objectives:

  • Develop a Watershed Management Program for the South Bay Aqueduct system, including Lake Del Valle and Bethany Reservoir.
  • Protect local drinking water from identified contaminant sources.
  • Protect water resources in the local area for urban, agricultural, recreational, and environmental uses.


This project was sponsored by a Proposition 13 Non-point Source Pollution Control Grant from the State Water Resource Control Board for the CALFED Bay-Delta Program and guided by the South Bay Aqueduct Watershed Workgroup.

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