Development Services

Proposed Revisions to Development-Related Fees and Charges

    Read about the proposed revisions to ACWD's development-related fees and charges that the ACWD Board of Directors will consider on February 7, 2019.

    Update: ACWD Board of Directors approved revisions to ACWD development-releated fees and charges. Revised fees and charges will go into effect on May 1, 2019.


Customer Work Request Application

    Use this application to request new or modified water services, such as installation, upgrade, relocation or removal of meters, fire services, or other field work by ACWD.  

Fire Flow Test Application

    Are you working on a project which involves a new or modified fire service? Do you need to know the capacity of the water distribution system at a specific location? Fire Hydrant flow test information is typically needed for fire sprinkler system designs, water system designs, and insurance purposes. 

Schedule of Development Fees and Charges

    Summary of common fees, charges and budgetary estimates related to new or modified water service. 

GIS Maps and Record Drawing Request Form

    Use this form to request utility maps showing the general location of ACWD facilities in the vicinity of your project or site, or record engineering drawings showing the plan and profile of specific ACWD water facilities. 

ACWD Records Request Form

    Use this form to request ACWD records other than maps and drawings. 

Application for Public Water System Extension

    Applies only to projects involving a public water main extension. This application must be completed and submitted prior to review of improvement plans by ACWD. 

Development Specifications for Public Water System Extensions

    General requirements, policies and procedures for Developers with projects which will include public water main extensions or new public water system construction. Includes the basis and application of ACWD’s development related fees and charges. 

Standard Specifications and Drawings

    ACWD standards for construction of public water facilities. Includes Standard Specifications, Standard Drawings and Approved Materials. 

Water Efficiency Measures for New Developments

    A listing of required and recommended water efficiency measures for residential and commercial developments. 

Backflow Prevention

    Requirements, information, and forms related to cross connection control and backflow prevention devices. 

Hydrant Meter Request Form

    Used when water is needed from existing fire hydrants (example, construction water, dust control, street sweeping, etc.). 

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    Tell us how we’re doing! If you’ve done business with ACWD’s Development Services division, we’d greatly appreciate your feedback.