Replenishment Assessment Act


Under the authority of the Replenishment Assessment Act of the Alameda County Water District, ACWD charges operators of water production facilities an assessment based on the quantity of groundwater produced.  Replenishment assessment revenue helps pay for ACWD's work to replenish and maintain the Niles Cone Groundwater Basin.  Replenishment assessment fees apply only to water producing facilities in the ACWD-managed Niles Cone Groundwater Basin.  Water wells, dewatering wells, and chemical investigation extraction wells are considered water production facilities.

Download a copy of the Replenishment Assessment Act.

Replenishment Assessment Rates

Replenishment Assessment (RA) rates are reviewed annually; currently, the assessment is $8.00/acre-foot for agricultural and municipal-recreation uses (the maximum allowed under the Replenishment Assessment Act) and $437/acre-foot for all other uses.  

Proposed Rate Increase for Pumped Groundwater

Revenue from the RA helps ACWD offset its costs to replenish and maintain groundwater supplies for the benefit of the users of the groundwater basin.  A 5.3% increase in the RA rate for uses other than municipal and agricultural is recommended to generate sufficient revenue to cover expected basin-related capital and operating costs.  This would change the rate from $437 to $460 per acre-foot of groundwater extracted, effective July 1, 2019.  Only property owners with a well, well owners, and operators of wells (or other groundwater extraction facilities) within the ACWD-managed Niles Cone Groundwater Basin would be affected by this proposal.  

Additional information on the basis of the proposed increase is provided in the Proposition 218 Public Notice and Survey Report.  In addition, staff will provide a presentation to the Board of Directors on March 14, 2019.  A public hearing is scheduled for April 9, 2019.  

If you are subject to the proposed rate increase (see above) and would like to submit a protest online, click here.  Alternatively, you may submit a written protest by:

Mail -  P.O. Box 5110, Fremont, CA 94537-5510
In-Person - 43885 South Grimmer Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94538