Well Standards

ACWD Well Standards

Well Standards

ACWD's Well Standards (PDF) have been developed to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the people of the Cities of Fremont, Newark, and Union City by ensuring the groundwater within the area of the Cities will not be degraded, polluted, or contaminated by improper construction, use, operation, maintenance, repair, reconstruction, improvement, inactivation, decommissioning, or destruction of wells, exploratory holes, other excavations, and appurtenances. The above Standards are derived from water well industry procedures and processes deemed most effective at meeting local groundwater protection needs and are based on the standards developed by the State of California Department of Water Resources (DWR).

DWR Well Standards

The following documents related to laws and water well standards in the State of California are available here.

California Laws for Wells (PDF)
Bulletin 74-2: Water Well Standards – Alameda County (PDF)
Bulletin 74-81: Water Well Standards – State of California (PDF)
Bulletin 74-90: Water Well Standards – State of California (PDF)

Hayward Well Standards

In addition to overseeing drilling activities in the Cities of Fremont, Newark, and Union City, the City of Hayward Ordinance No. 00-04 (PDF) specifies that ACWD's approval is required prior to the construction, operation, or destruction of wells in southern Hayward in areas that were formerly within ACWD's service area.