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The Alameda County Water District (ACWD) is investing in the future of our community by installing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Our partners, Badger Meter and

 Professional Meters, Inc. (PMI) will upgrade or replace your water meter with AMI. AMI allows water meters to be read remotely so customers can:

          •   Reduce surprise water bills

          •   Detect potential leaks early 

          •   View up-to-date water usage


Your water meter was found to be inaccessible

 for our installer to upgrade due to:

__ Locked Gate

__Meter Access Blocked

__Unsecured Dog

__Other _______________________________________

PMI REFERENCE #_______________________________


When ready to reschedule your installation, please call our Installation Hotline:  (844) 280-6521





          •   Detect potential leaks early

          •   Easy-to-use online portal (coming later this year to ACWD.ORG)

          •   View up-to-date water usage at any time throughout the billing cycle



          •   Encourage efficient water use

          •   Understand your water use on a daily basis

          •   View water efficiency tips via new customer portal

          •   Find out about ACWD’s water conservation programs and apply for them through the new online customer portal

          •   Reduce our carbon footprint with fewer trucks on the road since water meters will be read remotely instead of manually


Together, through the use of this smart technology, we can work toward achieving ACWD’s water conservation goals and improving water supply reliability for our community while saving money through operational efficiencies.

For More Information:  ACWD.ORG/AMI

@AlamedaCountyWD  #SmartWaterConnect