Leak Detect Door Hanger

Doorhanger Leak Detected - front


Your AMI meter could not be installed due to a pre-existing customer plumbing leak. The leak must be repaired before installation can take place. This is your first and only courtesy notice regarding the leak. Please call our installation hotline once resolved. ACWD’s Board of Directors adopted an Ordinance (NO. 2008-01) Prohibiting Wasteful Use of Water, to conserve the District’s water supply and eliminate the wasteful use of water, especially  critical  due  to drought. Under this Ordinance leaks are required to be repaired as soon as possible, and  ACWD can invoke the enforcement process for non-compliance.

For more information about the water waste Ordinance, please visit: http://www.acwd.org/wwordinance [QR CODE]

When ready to reschedule your installation, please call our Installation Hotline: (844) 280-6521

WHY AMI? Drought is here. AMI is one action we are taking today to save water for tomorrow.


●    Coming soon to ACWD.ORG, easy-to-use online portal

●    Detect potential leaks early

●    View up-to-date water usage at any time throughout the billing cycle


●    Encourage efficient water use

●    Understand your water on a daily basis

●    Reduce our carbon footprint with fewer trucks on the road since water meters will be read remotely instead of manually

Together, through the use of this smart technology, we can work toward achieving ACWD’s water conservation goals and improving water supply reliability for our community while saving  money through operational efficiencies.

Your feedback about this important community improvement project matters! Scan this QR code with your mobile device or visit the website below to take our survey.

For More Information:  ACWD.ORG/AMI

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