Former General Managers

ACWD's long history of providing safe, reliable drinking water to its customers has been led by the agency's general managers over the years. The General Manager is responsible for implementing policy direction and decisions of the Board of Directors.

2014-2021 Robert ShaverRobert Shaver 2014-2021

 Walter L. Wadlow 2009-2014Walter L. Wadlow 2009-2014

 Paul A. Piraino 1997-2009Paul A. Piraino 1997-2009

 James D. Beard 1987-1997 James D. Beard 1987-1997

 Roy E. Coverdale 1982-1987 Roy E. Coverdale 1982-1987

 Stanley R. Saylor 1978-1982 Stanley R. Saylor 1978-1982

Matthew P. Whitfield 1953-1977Mathew P. Whitfield 1953-1977

E.A. Richmond 1934-1953E.A. Richmond 1934-1953

 Cyril Williams, Jr. 1914-1933Cyril Williams, Jr. 1914-1933