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Alameda County Water District
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  • The history of the Alameda County Water District is closely intertwined with the area it serves.
  • Alameda Creek was one of the free flowing creeks that supplied farmers, and there were many artesian wells that could be easily accessed.
  • The first twenty years of the District's history were stormy, filled with legal battles that wrenched the water supply from other water districts.
  • The flow of Alameda Creek was erratic, flooding in the spring, and drying up in the fall. While there was natural percolation into the groundwater basin, the District realized the need to control this process in order to ensure a more reliable supply to its customers.
  • The Manuel J. Bernardo Softening Plant on Peralta Boulevard was commissioned in 1971 as the world's largest fixed bed ion exchange softening plant.
  • Today, more than 60,000 tests are completed annually in our laboratory to assure that the quality of the water customers receive is in compliance with all federal and state regulations.
  • At present, eleven reservoirs and tanks store a total of 89 million gallons of water for customers to use.

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            A Water District of Our Own - A Celebration of Alameda County Water District's First 100 Years
            Our First 100 Years - A Comprehensive History of the Alameda County Water District